The Great Art Lottery

As a way to raise money for our hospital ran an art lottery. We were in possession of 10 pieces of art that have been donated by local artists and over the summer we sold tickets for them at $100 each.

The draw took place on Sep 13, 2017 at 4 PM.

Since art is in the eye of the beholder, the tickets were set up for 3 preferences and we connected the winners with their favourite art, as long as it was still available.

The winners were as follows:

Richard Viecer B
Claude Pepin H
Petra Kuhn-Alikhan I
North Hastings Family Pharmacy A
MG Daly Funeral Home G
Zeya Alikhan F
R&L Bus Lines D
Marie & Glen Hayton J
Jeannie Grieg E
Celine Griffin C



A – Joyce Burkholder

B – Russ Clark

C – Anita Murphy

D – Tom Spatafore (right)

E – Cheryl Ellenberger

F – David Kay

G – Linda Sorensen


H – Brent Townsend


I – Arne Roosman

J – Bob Perkins


Photos from our launch on June 15, 2017