Cardiff Legion Branch 566

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Donation of $1000.00 from Cardiff Legion Branch 566 Poppy Fund to go towards a new cardiac monitor.

Tammy Davis, Manager QHC North Hastings Hospital
Dave Eakins, Fund Development Committee
Henry Dickinson, Branch 566
Steve McGann, Branch 566
Kim Bishop, Chair Fund Development Committee
Jean Menard, Fund Development Committee

This year we are have committed to purchase a new portable X-ray machine and a portable ultra sound unit. Both of these are to complement the stationary units that we already have and will be used mostly in the Emergency Department. This project is expected to cost approximately $236,000.

 Hospital Auxiliary

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Oct 22/15
Last night I had the opportunity to attend your 30th Anniversary Dinner both in my capacity as the Chair of the North Hastings Fund Development Committee and as a proud member of the Auxiliary.

The Auxiliary’s 30 year commitment to local health care in this community is remarkable! When the North Hastings Fund Development Committee took on the recent challenge to raise $250,000 to purchase a portable x-ray machine, movable ultrasound machine and a blood analyzer for our local hospital you came on board with no hesitation. Your pledge of $100,000 in two years was generous and now your group has surpassed all expectations and met your pledge in just one year. Wow!

Thank you for your foresight given the many challenges in the health care sector and the competition for fund-raising dollars. This essential equipment will help doctors and nurses treat patients with the best care possible. Thank you, too, for your ongoing commitment, care and devotion to making sure that equipment needs are met in the Quinte Health Care North Hastings hospital.

Kim Bishop, Chair
North Hastings Fund Development Committee

Kawartha Credit Union

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Tom Malloy and Kim Bishop, from the QHC North Hastings Fund Development Committee, gratefully accept a donation of $3,500 from Tina Doucet on behalf of the Kawartha Credit Union. The money will go towards the cost of new patient bedside tables in both the inpatient and emergency departments. The Kawartha Credit Union recognizes the importance of continually improving the experience of patients at the Bancroft hospital.