Money is accepted on an on-going basis not only during campaigns. Income tax receipts are issued starting at $10.

We have a donor wall, in the waiting room, to recognize large donations with the following categories (these plaques represent accumulated donations from specific donors since the creation of the Fund Development Committee).
The centerpiece of our wall is a large carving from a local artist, Ron Caya. Ron donated many hours of work to create this beautiful representation of our local area.

$1,000 –  2″ X 4″

$5,000 –  3″ X 5″

$10,000 –  4″ X 6″

$25,000 –   5″ X 7″

$50,000 –   6″ X 8″

$100,000 –  6″ X 8″ plaque plus room named after donor

$250,000 –  6″ X 8″ plaque plus department named after donor



Dialysis Donor Wall

Dialysis Donor Wall

This donor wall is located in the dialysis room itself, which is on the upper floor of the professional building.
All plaques on this wall are 3.5″ X 4.25″ and represent a donation of at least $1,000 to the dialysis unit.

The donations to Dialysis are also recognized on our main donor wall with the correct plaque size for the total donations to our hospital.